Monday, 21 March 2011

Goblins on World of Warcraft Cataclysm levels 1 to 20.

As an already established player on WoW, I was thrilled when Blizzard announced the two new races to be introduced with the new expansion Cataclysm. I was a little less thrilled to see that Blizzard did not increase the character per server allowance, in order for players that already had 10 characters on their favourite server to be allowed at least another 2 slots to try out the new "toons".
I, as a guild master for a horde guild have chosen to create a Goblin as my new character, although my daughter Serph has made a Worgen on the Ally side.

My Goblin, Bettyna, is a Hunter who is unusually training tailoring and enchanting. This decision was made, as Serph is already a Hunter with skinning and leather-working and would be able to provide Betty with any leather armour she needs when she needs it. Amongst the other professions we have on Horde between us we a seriously lacking a Tailor (for those luscious embersilk bags) and an enchanter. Serph made a goblin Shaman called Alsynth who is going for Herbalism and Inscription as both of those are profitable professions and she is always struggling for money.

So I start my tiny Blue Haired goblin off in the starter zone of Kezan where there is much mischief and mayhem happening. My hunter started out with a pet, which is a new perk since Cata was released, prior to that Hunters had to get to level 10 before they were able to train their first pet. My pet crab (Clawdius) was my companion and bodyguard in the early days while fleeing a shattered Kezan and dealing with Trade Prince Gallywix on the Lost Isles we wash up upon when Kezan is destroyed by Deathwing forcing the volcano on Kezan - Mount Kajaro to erupt.

My Goblin was issued with a few nifty tools at the beginning and acquires more as time go by. These include a Rocket belt, which allows you to jump forward and slow down the rate of falling if you fall of somewhere high, for example Thunder Bluff (Serph's favourite occupation). There are also rocket barrage, which launches belt rockets from your belt at an enemy causing 91 fire damage. When you reach level 11 and complete the quest Message to Garrosh you get access to a Pack Hobgoblin. This allows you to access your bank from anywhere in the world for 1 minute, but has a 30 minute cooldown. This is fantastic if you are doing a dungeon or a large amount of quests at once and run out of bag space.

I am only level 18 at the moment and am finding one part of being a goblin extremely annoying, although the rest of the experience is fantastic. The problem and I am sure this has already been experienced by Gnome and Dwarf players across Azeroth, is that the Goblins legs are so small and she runs like a drunken duck. This makes travelling through the first 20 levels seem even more tiresome than on a regular long legged character as the perspective and the size of the legs make it seem like running from place to place will take forever!

The starter quests on the Isle of Kezan and the Lost Isles are quite easy and you can find full information about them on Wowwiki, so I wont explain them all here. I will say, however that on the Lost Isles when you are issued with a pair of boots that allow you to fly over zombies blasting them into oblivion, DO NOT, under any circumstances, hand the quest with the boots in until you have finished all the other quests you get at the same time, or you will be regularly overrun by goblin zombies and killed.

Here at level 18 I am on the old familiar quest journey, completing quests I have picked up from The Crossroads and Ratchet, I have done my first dungeon (Ragefire Cavern - a boost by a friend for the linen cloth I needed) and I am learning my professions as fast as I am able. I was very happy to be doing this as it gave me a chance to tame the ghost lion Echyakee as my new pet. When you get to level 10 you get a chance to add an extra pet to your call pet command button, much the way warlocks have access to several minions they can chose from. This meant that I could get Clawdius out of the stable (which now houses up to 20 pets) and can chose whether I wish to use him or Echyakee depending upon what situation I am in. I have chosen Beastmastery as my main specialization and look forward to taming many great and unusual pets over the course of the game. This character is going to be different from my other two in that I am not leaving an area until all the quests for that area are complete and I have got the loremaster achievement and have explored fully each individual area, so that by the time I get to level 80 I will already be both explorer and loremaster of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland and Northrend and only a short hop from loremaster and explorer of all.... Roll on level 60 when flying makes that whole process easier. I have to admit I am not above cheating and asking Serph to come and give me a hand with the group quests along the way.
So that is all for this update, I will keep notes and let you know of any shortcuts and advice I find in the journey from level 20 to level 40.... from the back of my Goblin Trike!

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