Saturday, 12 March 2011

Have You Ever Seen a Warcraft Millionaire?

I ran across something the other day that took me a bit by surprise. It was the site, and its owner, Brad, claimed he was on the verge of becoming the first millionaire in the game. I thought about that statement for a minute and realized that I had never seen anyone with that much gold before.

Sure, I’d seen a lot of gold. Some of my friends have over 100,000 gold, but they have been playing since the game’s launch and know what they are doing. Myself, I only have a few thousand and I grind constantly to make more.

How was it that this guy had managed to do what is seemingly impossible when millions of other players have been at it for just as long and are nowhere close? I did a little more research and after a bit of looking found the video proof Brad had provided to really drive his point home (see it here).

Sure enough, in a few short minutes, Brad clicked between a small collection of characters he had on the same server that each had reached the gold cap of 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 48 copper, something I hadn’t even known existed; I mean, who actually reaches the gold cap?

But there it was, in full living color – I won’t say I was shocked, because it was something much more. I have been playing this game for a long time and seeing something like that is like witnessing a World Class runner break a speed record or seeing someone scale Everest blindfolded. It just hasn’t been done before.

I had to know how he had done it; what had this player done that  no one else had done before; what did see in the game that others had missed. His strategy must surely be superior… right?

The truth of the matter is that it was not nearly as superior as you would think. It seems that Brad’s friends and fellow players have been asking the same question of him for some time and so he has put together a collection of resources at his website that promises to guide the casual or even hardcore player through the same process he used to reach the upper echelons of gaming.

But, his secret was so simple I could have hit myself in the head. I’d heard it a hundred times before, but I had never heard it quite like Brad put it. It’s all in the Auction House. We all know that; we’ve been to the Auction House and we’ve seen what kind of gold it can provide, but none of us would have guessed that there was quite that much gold in it.

Suffice it to say, I have never seen such concise, well described advice on how to use the Auction House to make gold. I probably won’t reach a million gold anytime soon, but I definitely feel much more confident in my ability to run the economy on my server with an ironfist, and already the gold making rates I had always maligned have started to grow. This guide is the real deal and Brad  is a WoW genius.

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