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How can I gain reputation with the Therazane?

It is extremely useful to gain reputation with the Therazane faction in Deepholm for access to some extremely nifty shoulder armour buffs and rings. Having finished the entire quest chain in Deepholm and gained the Deep into Deepholm achievement you are given permission to go and find Therazane in her throne room and do a selection of daily quests from there. These quests are a useful and profitable way of gaining reputation with Therazane, lots of gold and if you are not already at level 85 lots of experience. Once you are allowed to use the throne room for these daily quests a portal becomes available for you to get there from the Temple of Earth and back again. If you are fortunate to have maxed Alchemy or have a friend that has maxed it, you can make a potion called Potion of Deepholm that takes you directly to the Temple of Earth from where ever you are, obliterating the need to return to your capital city to do your dailies there.

Fear of Boring.

Rewards: 10 gold 46 silver.
Rep gained: Therazane = 262, Guild = 26.
Experience - 43900

Task - Kill 10 Gyreworms in the Crumbling Depths.

Method - Definitely go right into the Crumbling Depths to kill these worms rather than staying on the surface in the Scouring Reach as there are several other daily quests you can do there, Motes, Underground Economy, Lost in the Deeps and (to be added when known). As you go into the crumbing depths, picking up any quests you may find as you go you come to a part of the tunnel that has a huge red gyreworm going round and round in a continuous circle. To get to the rest of the crumbling depths you need to get past this worm. The best way to do this (and indeed the best way to get back out again) is to mount up onto a fast mount and follow the tail of the worm around until you come to the first proper passage way off the circle (as opposed to a dead end passage). This first passage way leads to a large chamber in which you will find Gorged Gyreworms. These gyreworms are slow and quiet easy to defeat although they cast an AOE spell called Earth Strike which can cause about 5000 damage at a time. The way to circumvent that damage is as soon as they begin casting it, move to the other end of the worm, in other words charge straight past it and stop. Once the worm has begun casting this spell it is committed to the placement and cant begin to recast it in the new position until after the spike has come through the ground (and if you are clever through the worms tail). The only thing to remember is that once this spell is cast it will continue to happen even if the worm is dead so do not become complacent and not move once you have killed the worm or you will take the damage. Gorged gyreworms are easy to find all over the crumbling depths, but there is one cavern which is full of Gyreworms, and these are very fast and will appear in multiples. If you take the first passage on the right from the first chamber, you come to one full of purple crystals, going straight ahead from there brings you to the chamber with the blue crystals and the fast gyreworms. If you can avoid going to far into this chamber you should be alright, if you have to go through this chamber mount up on the fast mount and run like mad and do not stop till the aggro does. There is no real reason to go through this chamber unless you are lost, however, as even the quest Underground Economy can be completed at the entrance and then you need to retrace your steps to the purple cavern to finish that anyway.


Reward: 10 gold 45 silver.
Rep gained: Therazane = 263, Guild = 26.

Task - Recover 10 motes of Painite.

Method - while in the crumbling depths getting Fear of Boring you literally pick these motes up off the floor. Keep an eye out for the rumbling and dust stirring that indicates a gyreworm is about to pop up under your feet however, and make sure you have got all 10 motes before you leave as it is really annoying to have to come back just for that.

Underground Economy.

Reward: 10 gold 45 silver.
Rep gained: Therazane = 263, Guild = 25
Experience = 43900

Task - Use Ricket's Ticker to gather 3 Deep Alabaster Crystals, 3 Deep Celestite Crystals 3 Deep Amethyst Crystals, and 3 Deep Garnet Crystals.

Method - In Crumbling Depths as you go in upon occasion you are greeted by a goblin called Ricket who wants you to gather 4 different types of crystal by placing a bomb at their bases and collecting the crystals released by the explosion. The first cavern you come to with the green crystal contains the Deep Alabaster Crystal. Take the first entrance on the right to get to the chamber with the purple crystals for the Deep Amethyst Crystals. Continue straight ahead towards a chamber with blue crystals, but pause at the entrance. Do the bomb on the very first cluster in the doorway as this chamber is full of fast gyreworms that all come at you at once if you step in there. As soon as you have the 3 Deep Celestite Crystals mount up and get away back towards the purple cavern. Upon entering the cavern from this side take the first entrance on the left which will take you to the red cavern with the large painite crystal from the first crystal quest in the Crumbling Depths. At this point you can either kill the crystal spider Amthea, or go to the opposite side from her and set your bomb at the red crystals there. Be aware, however that she traverses the cavern fast, so grab your Deep Garnet Crystals quickly and get out of there. After that you can retrace your steps to the green cavern and back through to Ricket to hand in if you have finished everything else there.

Lost in the Deeps.

Reward: 10 gold 46 silver
Rep Gained: Therazane = 250 Guild = 25
Experience 43900

Task - Rescue Pebble from the Crumbling Depths.

Method: I have not managed to pick up this quest yet as it is very rare, however about once a week if you get no additional quests other than to get the Fear of Boring and Motes quests in Crumbling Depths, you can sometimes get the quest to find a little lost elemental in there and have the task of leading him to safety. To find him you need to go right through the red cavern previously mentioned with Amthea in and follow the passage at the other side. There you will find you come out looking over the green cavern and you will be able to pick up the quest there. If you manage to complete this quest 10 times you earn the achievement Rock Lover, the reward for which is to keep the little elemental Pebble as a companion pet.

Beneath the Surface.

Reward: 10gold 46 silver
Rep gained: Therazane = 250 Guild = 25
Experience = 43900

Task - Recover and Enormous Ruby Cluster.

Method: While in the Crumbling Depths killing your gyreworms and getting your painite motes, there is sometimes a chance to do this quest instead of Underground Economy or Lost in the Deeps. In this quest you have to find an Enormous Ruby Cluster and procure it from it's guardian. They are easy to find as they come up on the mini map as a boss symbol and can be found in all of the dead end passage ways in the Crumbling Depths. When you get to the crystal you click on the icon to mine it which brings up the boss, an Enormous Gyreworm to defend the crystal. This worm has 107k health points, but is easy to defeat if you use the tactics described previously, particularly paying special attention to the Earth Strike AOE cast that was mentioned before. At level 85, if you are just doing these dailies for reputation you will have no trouble dealing with this monster on your own. It is possible to do this quest in a group and take turns looting the worm for the Enormous Ruby Cluster. The only way to get the cluster however is to kill the Enormous Gyreworm and loot it from the corpse.

Through Persistence.

Reward: 10 gold 46 silver
Rep gained: Therazane = 262, Guild = 26
Experience 43900

Task - Retrieve a bag of Verlok Miracle Grow from the Verlocks upon the Crimson Expanse.

Method: You can obtain this miracle grow from any Verlok, but I find it best to do it at the same time as you do the Soft Rocks and Fungal Fury quests in the Crimson Expanse. If you kill the Verloks some will give you a pile of miracle grow and some a full bag, as soon as you have 5 piles you can combine them together to make a bag. It is possible to have 5 piles and then kill a Verlok and find a bag of miracle grow upon him, in which case you will have 2 bags available and that daily will be very easy for you the following day. If you kill the Verlok basilisk riders you will possibly also be able to loot basilisk "liver" from them to create the Cataclysm recipe Basilisk "Liver" Dogs.

Soft Rock.

Reward: 10gold 46 silver
Rep gained: Therazane = 250 Guild = 26
Experience 43900
Task - Kill 8 fungal behemoths.

Method: Kill the Fungal Behemoths on the Crimson Expanse, they are extremely easy to find as they are lumbering all over it. The only things of note here is to watch out for their AOE damage attacks, Fungal decay, which causes nature damage for 3 seconds and reduces speed by 10, and Unstable cloud, which causes nature damage for 5 seconds and reduces speed by 15. Both of these attacks can stack on top of each other, and beside each other, creating a considerable reduction in speed. They are other than that, however, very easy to kill. Having been looted they turn into herbs of potential benefit to Herbalists as there is a chance of looting Eternal life or one of the Cataclysm herbs from them.

Fungal Fury.

Reward: 10 gold 46 silver.
Rep gained: Therazane = 263, Guild = 26
Experience 43900

Task - Destroy 10 of the newly sprouted mushrooms in the Crimson Expanse.

Method: Now this quest can be a fun one, and can be done in two ways, one of which leads to the achievement Fungal Frenzy. In order to do the Fungal Frenzy way you need to identify the 4 different types of mushroom, Shuffletruffle a small perfectly white mushroom that give a speed increase debuff for 2 minutes, little brown mushrooms that look like chestnut mushrooms, these are called Shrinkshroom and give a size decrease debuff for 2 minutes, a bright red mushroom that can mostly be found near water, this is called a Poolstool, and gives a volatile debuff for 2 minutes, and a slightly sickly looking purplish mushroom with red blotches called a Trapcap, which produces a violent explosion and sends you flying a long way possibly trapping you in the path of an enemy. To get the Fungal Frenzy achievement you need to suffer the effect of all 4 mushrooms at the same time. The best way to do this is to locate on of each of the mushrooms with an idea of how to get to them. You then destroy the ShuffleTruffle first for the speed bonus, the Shrinkshroom next, as you know what that will do, the Poolstool third as that one is a bit of an unknown, and the Trapcap last, so that if you are blasted into an enemy path you already have the achievement done. Once you have done the achievement, you can just keep destroying the white mushrooms to get the speed increase debuff and finish the daily quicker!

Glop son of Glop.

Reward: 17 gold 46 silver
Rep Gained: Therazane = 368, Guild = 32
Experience 43900

Task - Speak to Earthmender Norsala, then kill Fungalmancer Glop.

Method: In the tunnel that you did the first Glop quest, you will meet up with Earthmender Norsala and go and kill the new Fungalmancer his son Glop. If you can defeat him with out taking any damage from his Boomshrooms you get the achievement FungalPhobia. The best way I found to do this was to keep as close to him as possible, whilst moving around all the time. Not so easy if you are a caster, but as I am an Elemental Shaman and managed it, it is possible. If you complete this daily quest 10 times, you will also get the achievement Glop Family Line. Personally for me the sooner I get Exalted with Therazane and have completed that quest the requisite 10 time for the achievement, the happier I will be as it is a complete pain to do because he keeps moving and you have to chase him!

The Restless Brood.

Reward: 17 gold 46 silver
Rep gained: Therazane = 368, Guild = 32
Experience: 43900

Task - Defeat Aeosera.

Method:  Fly to the Pale Roost and use the hammer provided to strike the resonating crystal. Jump from rock to rock until you get the Broodmother's attention and when she arrives she will begin flaming the rock you are standing upon. As soon as you have her attention cast a damage over time spell on her and as soon as she begins flaming the rock you are standing on jump to the next rock and begin throwing everything you have at her. Once she begins flaming a rock she is committed to that rock until she obliterates it, then she will turn her attention to the rock you are on now. Do the same thing and keep repeating this until she is defeated. Make sure at all times that you know where the next rock to be jumped upon is as if your rock goes down under you, you will have to jump right back up again. To get the achievement associated with this daily quest My Very Own Broodmother  I have found it best to do it in a couple or team. Get one player to strike the crystal and all other players do not strike it. All jump up and defeat the Broodmother, this is made especially easy as she can only flame one rock at a time, so only one of you will need to jump while the other/s continue to battle her. When she is defeated go and strike the crystal and then hand straight in. Remember two things, make sure everyone in your team gets a chance to be the one striking the crystal last, so that you can all get it - this will take several days but you will get there. Also remember you have 90 seconds from striking the crystal to handing it in to get the achievement so if you are trying to solo it, get as many speed buffs on as possible and cast a damage over time that will finish her off and jump straight down and go to hand in before she submits so that you can had in the quest the very second she cries defeat!

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