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Brewfest 2011

Here I am going to outline the processes for getting all the Brewfest Achievements on the Horde side. I am fairly sure that for the most part the ally side will be much the same. The only discernible difference will be with the Drunken Stupor achievement and I will describe the best place to get that when I get to that Achievement.

So here we are again, the leaves are changing colours, nights are drawing in and our beloved Brewfest Festival is here again! Starting up a great list of Autumn/Winter world events, everyone on Azeroth is getting very drunk, riding around on strange rams and jumping from the top of high places while smashed beyond belief. The Dark Iron Dwarves are up to their usual beer stealing tricks and Coren Direbrew is behind the scenes encouraging all sorts of drunken debauchery!

My first ever experience of Brewfest several years ago was a veritable eye opener and it fast became and has remained ever since my favourite festival of them all. There are a selection of different achievements to get, some that combined will give you the title Brewmaster (this is not achievable until level 84, however, unless you killed Coren Direbrew post Cataclysm). Some of the achievements just require money, some require collecting tokens to buy items from the Brewfest Vendor and others have level requirements.

So without further ado let me take you round the achievements available at this time of year... bottoms up!

Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?

This is a very easy one to get and one all players no matter what level should get upon the beginning of Brewfest. Simply go to the Brewfest Vendor and purchase a Wolpertinger pet for 20 silver coins! Hurray now you can learn the pet and add him to your presumably growing collection!

Have Keg Will Travel.

There are two ways that you can get this particular achievement. One is to obtain one of the Brewfest pets doing the Coren Direbrew boss fight. There is a Ram and a Kodo that you can get in your daily barrel for doing this boss. The other way, particularly useful if you are below level 84 is to purchase some Fresh Brewfest Hops for 2 tokens each and apply them to your riding mount. Obviously you need to be at least level 20 and in possession of a riding mount of some sort to get this achievement. If you want to change the appearance of your riding mount later in the year it is possible to buy Preserved Brewfest Hops and use them any time throughout the year! It seems fair that since our beloved mounts cannot actually get drunk and party with us that at least they should be able to look posh for the party!

Down With The Dark Iron.

Every hour at the festival centres outside Orgrimmar and Ironforge, the pesky Dark Iron dwarves arrive in their tunneling machines and attempt to ruin the festival by stealing all the beer. Your task is to defend the big casks from the marauding meddlers! An easy task you think? Well yes and no. You cannot kill these drunken dwarves by normal means, at Brewfest you need to drink one of the complimentary brewfest beers and then throw the empty tankard at the mischief makers! If there are lots of you around its not too hard, but if there are only a few around you are going to end up seriously drunk to protect all three casks of beer. As you know the drunker you get, the harder it is to see, until eventually you just have to keep clicking on the beer and hoping. I would thoroughly recommend talking either in guild or in party for a laugh as your speech will get more and more slurred the longer you keep drinking! After you defeat the paraletic parasites, a blue exclamation mark will appear which will give you a quest to hand in a few yards away... once you have sobered up you can continue with the rest of the achievements... Cheers!

Strange Brew.

For this achievement you need to purchase and drink an assortment of beverages from vendors at the festival. Some of the brews are level dependant, however so I will outline the brews you can get, where to get them from and what level you need to be to drink them!

Small Step Brew - needs level 1 and can be bought from the Orc vendor.
Long Stride Brew - needs level 5 and can be bought from the Orc vendor.
Path of Brew - needs level 15 and can be bought from the Orc vendor.
Jungle River Water - needs level 25 and can be bought from the Troll vendor.
Brewdoo Magic - needs level 35 and can be bought from the Troll vendor.
Stout Shrunken Head - needs level 45 and can be bought from the Troll vendor.
Gordok Grog - needs level 55 and can be bought from the Ogre vendor.
Mudders Milk - needs level 65 and can be bought from the Ogre vendor.
Ogre Mead - needs level 65 and can be bought from the Ogre vendor.

By the time you have drunk all of these you should be feeling extremely merry and in need of a bit of a snack which brings us nicely onto the next achievement!

The Brewfest Diet.

So this achievement is very similar as the Strange Brew one only this time you need to purchase food. There are three food vendors at the festival a bread vendor, a meat vendor and a cheese vendor, do pop along and try some of there wares as it will also help towards the achievement Taste Like Chicken.  In terms of the Brewfest Achievement though all I can say is.... hope you like sausages!

The Essential Brewfest Pretzel - needs level 1!
Spiced Onion Cheese - needs level 5
Dried Sausage - needs level 15
Succulent Sausage - needs level 25
Savoury Sausage - needs level 35
Pickled sausage - needs level 45
Spicy Smoked Sausage - needs level 55
The Golden Link - needs level 65

Brew Of The Month Club.

This is a relatively simple achievement to get in that all you need to do is purchase the Brew of the Month Club membership from the Brewfest vendor. If gets a little complicated, however when you come to realise that in order to buy this membership you need 200 Brewfest Tokens! These tokens can be obtained by completely the quests surrounding brewfest and then coming back to do the dailies every day. You will need to do them daily if you want to get the maximum number of tokens, especially if you are not a high enough level to get into the dungeon and pick up the quest that drops in there. They mostly consist of riding rams all over the place, however which is quite easy with a little practice. The Dark Iron quest comes as a daily as well once you have got the achievement, which gives another 10 tokens a day. So do the daily quests, save up the tokens and hopefully you will be able to afford the Brew of the Month Club membership as well as some of the other goodies from the vendor!

Brew of the Year.

Once you have purchased membership to the Brew of the Month Club you will be sent through the post a new type of beer to try every month. Drinking some of these beers will give different results, some quite amusing. When you have sampled all 12 of the different drinks you will receive the Brew of the Year achievement!


This is the boss fight for Brewfest and you need to be at least level 84 to get in to kill him now. You can get to the boss fight either using the dungeon finder as a solo player, or in a group and it will take you straight into deal with him. Be really careful that you don't accidentally pull all the yellow people in the bar next to the fight as you will have lots of trouble. Completing this fight for the first time will allow you to pick up a quest to hand in back at the festival that will earn you 40 Brewfest Tokens. You can do this dungeon as many times you you wish each day to try to get trinkets and weapons but only the first visit of each day will get you the really good drops such as the two Brewfest mounts!

Drunken Stupor.

For this achievement you need to complete the achievement Going Down, which is where you have to fall 65 feet without dying. If you don't have this achievement already then this is a great chance to get 2 achievements for the price of one. The only difference between this achievement and Going Down is that this one you need to do completely smashed! Here are some techniques for getting both of these achievements on Horde and then the Alliance side.


Get a friend and go to the lifts in Orgrimmar. One of you needs to stay at the bottom and the other travels to the top. At the top get completely smashed, about 6 jugs of bourbon will do this good and proper. The friend at the bottom needs to watch for the lift to come and the very second it does shout "Jump". If the person at the top has positioned themselves correctly they should at this point be able to just step forward one space and land at the bottom of the lift on top of two achievements. If you or your friend is a healer (and this is recommended!) then heal up and switch positions so your friend can get the achievements as well!


Apparently the best place to get the achievements Going Down and Drunken Stupor on Alliance is in the Exodar. If you jump from the top by the inn right down, missing the seat of the Naaru and hitting the ramp you will get the achievements. It seems that this is quite hard to position and you may have to take several attempts to get it right... but anything for an achievement right??!! Might be a good idea to put all your armour in the bank before trying this, it has to be said, to avoid expensive repair bills!

Disturbing the Peace.

This may be an achievement you take a couple of years to get, depending on your perspective. As this is not one of the achievements needed for the title of the brewmaster it may be a good idea to spend your tokens on things that are needed for the title and then use tokens from the following year to get this final achievement. For this achievement you need to spend some of your hard earned brewfest tokens to buy 3 items of clothing from the brewfest vendor.

The three items that you need to get are the Brewfest Hat, which can be bought in blue, brown, green and purple and costs 50 tokens. You then need to get one of either the Brewfest Boots or the Brewfest Slippers which are 100 tokens each and one of either the Brewfest Dress or Brewfest Regalia which cost 200 tokens each.

Once you get these party pretties you can go and have some real fun. You need to be level 68 at least to get this achievement as once you have the items on you, you need to go to Dalaran, get completely smashed and then dance in the streets of Dalaran! So while it is not necessary for the achievement it is a lot of fun, especially if you get in a group and all go together!

The BrewMaster.

The achievements you need to get the title The BrewMaster are:

Does your Wolpertinger Linger?
Have Keg will Travel.
Down with the Dark Irons.
The Brewfest Diet.
Brew of the Month.

So however far you get with your brewfest journey I hope you have lots of fun, because that is the name of the game for this festival.

If you are a horde player on the Hellfire server, look me up... I will buy you a beer!

Chin Chin!

Kayler xxx

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