A bit about my Hellfire Horde Characters.

This page is a bit about all my current horde characters that I play on the Hellfire realm and are in New Beginings guild. The information is correct at time of writing but we all know what an immensely fast moving game, so feel free to click on the name links to take you to my wow-armory where you can check on all the latest progresses and achievements I earn.

Kayler is a level 85 Tauren Shaman. Having taken about 2 years to get here, she is very happy at the moments to be leveling her last few professions and gaining cooking awards from Orgrimmar. Specializing in Herbalism and Alchemy, both of which are maxed, she is now working on the World Events Achievement What a Long Hard Trip its Been, and becoming Loremaster of Azeroth (and a long hard trip that will be too!) and she has an achievement score of 3680. Guild master of New Beginings guild in Hellfire realm, she spends quite a lot of time chatting to her guild members, offering help and advice to younger team members and trying to show my young son around World of Warcraft so that he knows what he is doing when he begins playing in August.

Drusiella is a level 54 Tauren druid, currently in Tanaris doing her raptor tooth quests. Speccing in Feral combat and Balance, Ella is a tanking character, soon to be leveled to give access to a new tank to the guild. She specializes in Mining and Blacksmithing and her achievement score is currently 630. Enjoying mining immensely, she especially liked mining in Thousand Needles as she was able to significantly increase her gold levels mining Mithril and selling it on the Auction House!

Tedbearskin is a level 29 Troll Mage ( specced fire) and I have to admit is currently my bank toon. He resides in the inn in Orgrimmar where he watches with amazement the amount of level 85 characters that try to kill Gamon! He beats a regular path between the inn and the auction house where he is developing a profound relationship with the Auctioneer Xifa. When actually questing Ted is a fire mage with an achievement score of 440 although in all honesty he is not played much at the moment, in deference to the relationship between him and Xifa.

Bettyna is a level 17 Goblin Hunter (specced beastmastery) and was created alongside my daughters character Alsynthe. We have done a complete role reversal here as Serphinia, my daughters main character is a Tauren hunter, and Kayler my main is a Tauren Elemental Shaman (dual spec Resto). Here I am playing the hunter and she is the shaman and we are doing the same specs as our counterparts in order to better learn the game from other perspectives. She specializes in Tailoring and Enchantment and is currently the most played character in order to level her up to be a useful dps for the guild. Recent favorite moment was taming Echyacke as a pet (I know.... But I had to!!!)


As yet I cannot link to Rógur on armory as he is only a level 7! He is an Orc rogue specializing in mining and engineering and was primarily created for one of the world events when Serphinia needed an Orc rogue to throw snowflakes at. So not much to tell on this character but keep tuned in and I will update when relevant.

So that is my characters on horde, I have another, but am going to delete her in order to learn something new, as she is another hunter and we don't need another of them... may make a shadow priest.... hmmmm