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Here I am going to show you some of the other work I do, as well as playing World of Warcraft and writing on World of Warcraft - Cataclysm Journeys. I make jewellery and sell it and other stuff on-line when I am not writing and playing, but when I am writing I do this for a few other blogs and also a writing platform called I intend to put up links to all of these articles on here, not just the World of Warcraft ones, although there are quite a few of them as well.I figure that all of you WoW fans have other interests as well and so may want to read some of the other things I write about too!

1) InfoBarrel is where I write the bulk of my stand alone articles as I have already said and it is a really great place to write for. They have a forum on there where you can request help and advice, or even just talk about random stuff and the community there is the nicest anywhere. I have made some really great friends on there from all around the world! If you want to write about other things that World of Warcraft, why not join InfoBarrel, it is free to join and if you ever want to comment on any of the articles there, you need to be a member anyway! If you want to have a look at any of my other articles on InfoBarrel you can pop along to my profile page where they are all listed!

2) The first article I am going to tell you about on there is called Marked - A House of Night Review. It was written a while ago when I was first learning about writing on InfoBarrel and is still an article I am fond of. I have read all the books in the House of Night Series and will probably write more book reviews about the series when I have some more time. I think they are intending to release a movie about House of Night to be released in 2013 so when that comes out I will probably review that as well!

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