New Beginings Guild

Hi and welcome to the information page about my guild.

We are New Beginings (pronounced beginnings, we couldn't get that name, this is the closest we could get to it) from the horde side of Hellfire realm.

We are a level 7 guild with 154 members, although not all of those are active and quite a few are alts. We have currently a team of core members who play regularly and are trying to recruit high members to take the guild to the next playing level.

We have at least 1 good Heroics team with 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps in our regular active members so can offer Heroic experience to new members. We don't offer boosts as a regular feature, but many of our officers are happy to boost from time to time, as long as it doesn't become a constant obligation.

We are technically a social leveling guild, although as previously mentioned we are starting to do guild heroics and tentatively looking into casual raiding.

Our top officers are as follows;
Guild master - Kayler (Drusiella, Bettyna, Tedbearskin and Rógur)
Top officer 1a - Druidstier (Anastacia, Vanquisher, Son of Dru, PriestDemi, Kinkeight, Demi,Goblynutbolts)
Top officer 1b - Serphinia (Steorra, Melodie, Alsinthe, Fracto)
Guild boss 2 - Ravenfire (Stribetusk, Scaryspice, Tanaya)
Guildboss 2 - Kraitonik (Kraizomik)
Guildboss 2 - Gromarc (Gorefeast, Ghouls, Confidential, Tortois, Shadowflight)
Guildboss 2 - Holycorpse (Anhelo, Perustom, Necrolion, Contego)

Any of these officers and their alts will be happy to consider applications to the guild online, just whisper if you are interested.

Guild Rules

We do not have a great many rules and they are the kind of thing you would normally expect in a social leveling guild.
1, Its a family guild, with many guild members bringing their children in to play so we have a watershed for bad language and inappropriate comments of 9.30 realm time.
2, We do not encourage serious amounts of profanity etc after the watershed, or people taking the fact that the clock has ticked over into 9.31 as an opportunity to swear and shout and be really rude either.
3, Spamming guild chat for boosts is totally not allowed, we hate to feel that officers cannot play their own game as they constantly have to stop and boost lower members. Get to know the players, then one will offer you a boost when they are free if you need one.
4, Progression through the guild is by helping other members, contributing to the guild bank, chatting and being friendly to all other members.
5, If you have a problem with another member, please keep it out of guild chat and do not involve the officers in it, remember, you cannot always like everyone, but lets try to keep it polite!

If you want to find us off site, come and join us on our Facebook group here.

This is a very friendly guild and we are always looking for new loyal members to take the guild onwards and upwards. The guild master would like to point out, however, that if you join the guild at level 70 because none of the raiding guilds will have you, get to know us, use our banks, get boosts from our members and become part of the guild, and then leave as soon as you reach 85 that she will not understand and be happy for you, so please do not ask her too. If you tell me at the beginning that this is your intention, absolutely fair enough, we can recommend out sister guild Dragons of Anarchy as a place to join at 85. If you come in telling us you are looking for a social guild, but with no intention of staying here once you are raid ready, please do not span the GM with mail and whispers trying to get me to understand and be all happy about it - it isn't going to happen. This guild master has a vision of a guild of members all pulling together for a great friendly goal, and anyone who uses the guild as a stepping stone is not the GM's friend at all actually :D

That said if you want a guild that is more like a family, where we look out for one another and care about each other, play together and have fun, then come and join you will be welcome and welcomed! We have numerous players from all over the world including the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and South Africa, and the guild master and Serphinia are both female as is Raven and Slinxie (who's alt is Slinx GM of Dragons of Anarchy) so sex and country of origin are no impediment to joining the guild.
So come on in and join the fun.... the water is fine and the skies are blue... (except over Shadowmoon Valley, Netherstorm and Deepholme of course) :D

Kayler (Guild Mum)